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Is it Time to Ditch Your Grey Eyeshadow?

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Most people hear the word smoky eye and think grey eyeshadow.  Grey shimmery eyeshadow was huge about 7 years ago.  I remember doing this photoshoot for a singer/songwriter, and she wanted the smoky eye trend.


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While I still love so much about this look, the makeup seems a bit dated.  Gray eyeshadow really belongs in the past.

Alternatives to Grey Eyeshadowsitla noveau

Stila Novveau Natural Eyeshadow Palette

Grey is a wonderful neutral color, and it makes sense that a lot of people choose it.  However, the today’s makeup trends are more about natural hues that blend with your skintone.  You can find several great palettes from Urban Decay, Stila, and Tarte.  These natural hues will help you to better shape your eyes.

When to Use Grey

CG eyeliner grey

Just because the grey smokey eye is a little bit dated doesn’t mean you have to avoid it entirely.  Instead, try using grey as an eyeliner instead. Eyeliner is actually more on trend, and grey can be an amazing alternative to black liner – especially if you have lighter skin and hair. Also, grey eyeliner can help small eyes look bigger. Since it is lighter, it does not close off the eye shape.  Stila’s stay all day liquid eyeliner in alloy is one of my favorite shades of gray. If you are on a budget, try CoverGirl’s Perfect Point Eyeliner in Grey.

If you struggle to choose the right colors, contact me to set up a consultation.  We can discuss what colors are right for you virtually or in person.  xoxo


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