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I’m Sick…AND I Look Like It. HELP!

Harvey and I have been sick for the last few days, and it has not been fun.  I would take a selfie as proof, but I have a little pride and I’m self-conscious.  So, I’m sitting her in my bed typing away with no color in my face, a few breakouts, tired eyes, and other problems.  I hope I don’t have to go anywhere.  But what happens when if I do?  Will I get that dreaded “You look tired” comment?  Or, will people look at me sadly and ask, “What’s wrong?”  Perhaps.  I wish Dayquil could fix my complexion, but it doesn’t work like that. Fortunately, I have a few beauty tricks up my sleeve to provide me the pick me up that I truly need!

Try to Avoid Touching Your Face

I’m a constant face toucher when I’m sick.  Between the sneezing, coughing, lounging – all I seem to do is touch my face.  It’s no wonder the breakouts appear.  Call it purging, bad luck, or part of the sickness.  But, who really wants a few extra zits when their skin is already void of color??  I don’t.  I’ve tried to avoid contact with my face, and when I do get a few breakouts I use a spot treatment instead.

spot treatment

Add Back Life to Your Skin

When I am sick, I try to use two things to add back life into my skin – my favorite cc cream and some blush.  BB creams are also great options.  BB and CC creams are lightweight, and they add vivacity into your skin.  Blush adds a healthy dose of color so you don’t look so dead – a common problem when you are sick.

Nyx cream blush

Don’t Forget Some Lip Color

Does your lip color fade when you get sick?  Mine does.  I start to look like a ghost, so anything with color helps bring me back to reality.  You can use a tinted lip balm or a lip stain to help you look more alive.  These are easy to use – especially if you don’t feel well.

tinted lip balm

Conceal the Dark Circles

Dark circles get worse when you are sick because you are more tired and run down.  Fortunately, a little bit of concealer will fix this problem.  Look for something that has a peachier tone to correct blueness.

erase paste concealer

Add Some Shimmer to Your Eyes

Finally, make sure to highlight your eyes.  A champagne shimmer eyeshadow will brighten and add life to tired, dull eyes.  You won’t look as sick or tired.  I like to dust a little bit of the shadow on the inner rims of the eyes for added brightness.

urban decay eyeshadow

If you are sick like me, I hope you get lots of rest and have a speedy recovery.  When you do have to get ready, these tips will help you.  xoxo

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