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If You Need Eyeshadow, TODAY is the Day to Purchase!!!!

It’s ALWAYS exciting when there’s a deal on makeup.  And, it’s even better when the deal is on something amazing like this eye shadow palette by Stila.  It’s a must-have!  I love this palette because it has a variety of neutral shimmers and mattes. It’s $20 today and you can buy it HERE!

damsel smudge stick

The palette also come one of my FAVORITE eyeliners.  It’s a dark brown waterproof eyeliner that looks good on everyone.  If you want the eyeliner, it will cost you $20, so you might as well buy the palette today and get the eyeliner for free!!!

Other Deals:

in the moment

You can also buy this purple palette for $20.  I love using the palette and eyeliner on brown and hazel eyes.

sample peony convertible color


Both palettes come with a sample size of my favorite blush –  Stila’s peony convertible color.  I promise this sample will last you a few months!!  You might love it so much it will become a 10-year favorite for you – like it has for me!  HA!

The brown and purple palettes are also available in Ulta stores today for $20 along with two other Stila palettes.  The matte palette is a great investment for anyone’s makeup collection and the green palette is fun for younger girls.  Happy shopping!!!!!

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