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If Tweezing Takes TOO Long, It’s Time to Grow in Your Eyebrows

OK.  So I’ve held back a beauty obsession I hold dear to my heart.  EYEBROWS.  I would do my eyebrows before mascara any day.  I love a bold brow look with just lip color and beautiful skin.  This might not be what most people spend time on when doing their makeup, but I believe these features go a long way in terms of beauty.  With that being said, when it comes to eyebrows, if you are spending too much time tweezing everyday, you probably need to grow in your eyebrows. eyebrow_problems  How much time is TOO much time?  

Unless you have a unibrow, most people have about ten hairs to pluck a day, if that many.  Tweezing should never take more than a minute.  Unless your hairs are dark, you usually only need to tweeze every few days.

What Hairs Should You Pluck?  

You ONLY need to pluck stray hairs that fall outside your natural brow shape.

What if you’ve over tweezed?

This is a common problem among young girls.  They tweeze too much in the middle of their brows making them look too thin.  Sometimes it creates an unnatural arch.  If you’ve done this, it’s best to let your brows grow in and use a product to fill in bare spots during the regrowth process.  Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color pens are my favorite.  They look natural and are long lasting.  You can also get Anastasia’s Brow Stencils to help you create a better brow shape.

Basic Brow Tips:

If you draw an invisible straight line up from the middle of your nostrils, this is where your brows should start. Plucking them too much in the middle makes your face look wider.

-Brows should look angular, not like McDonald’s golden arches.   If you struggle with this, I like to create a line from the starting point of the brow to the highest point.  This line is usually long and thicker than the outer portion of the brow.   At the arch,  you will make a small angle.  For some people it will be straight out.  For others, it will slope a bit.  If your brows look like the woman’s below, you might need to grow in some of your hairs.  The majority of her’s seem to be missing.  She’s lost out on how beautifully eyebrows frame the face and gives it definition.bad eyebrows -Brows do not have to look identical.  If you spend too much time worrying about this, it might take forever to do your makeup!

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