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How to Waterproof Your Makeup

Yesterday I worked on this amazing photoshoot at the pool. The photographer/videographer shot stills and underwater video.  I am so excited to see the final results. When I first saw the inspiration board, I was a little worried about the model swimming underwater in a full face of makeup. Luckily the makeup stayed the entire time. Everyone at the shoot was amazed!




Waterproofing your makeup is actually simpler than it sounds.  Use these tips to help yours stay the next time you are at the beach or pool:

Avoid Powder

Powder doesn’t adhere to the skin as long as a cream.  Also, creams tend to be more long wearing – think of colored zinc at the pool!  The only powders I used were on the eyes. These were applied on top of a cream eyeshadow so they would wear longer.

I swapped out powder bronzer, blush, and brow color for gel forms.  I used the darker color of a contouring palette to add shape and a little color to her face. Her cheeks have a gel stain on them, which is longer wearing, natural, and less likely to get streaky underwater.

Waterproof Lashes and Mascara

I added Ardell’s individual flares into her lashes.  Then I applied waterproof mascara on both sides of the lashes using a fan brush. This seals the fake and regular lashes together and helps them to stay longer. They stayed on during several underwater shots and were actually a little hard to pull out.  WINNING!



The model has very little foundation.  I used the beauty blender to lightly apply a foundation that is water resistant and long wearing.  If you want to wear foundation at the pool or beach, be careful to over apply.  Too much looks and feels heavy outside.  It can also streak when it comes in contact with water.


I mixed the lip color using the Make Up For Ever cream color palette.  I also mixed their aqua seal into the lip color to make it waterproof.  You can mix aqua seal into just about anything, but I don’t recommend using this product with foundation because it sets really matte.



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