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How to Use Your Own Makeup for Your Halloween Costume

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I’ve never been more excited about Halloween now that I have a toddler to dress up!!!  I’ve been busy making him something that he will actually wear!  It even involves a little bit of makeup. I could buy something like this product pictured below to paint his face, but it’s probably a waste.  It’s low in quality and not as effective as something I already have on hand.

family makeupavoid this, and use what you have on hand:

halloween makeup



All you need to look like a great zombie is red lipstick, black matte eyeshadow, and a good amount of powder.

zombie makeup

TERRIFYING I KNOW.  I think it scared my son, and my husband didn’t even want to look at the picture!!!  I guess the makeup worked!!!!  I applied foundation and lots powder to make me look dull.  Make sure to place the foundation and powder on your lips to remove any color.  Then, I used the black eyeshadow on my entire eyelid and underneath the lash line.  I even brushed it along my dark circles to make me look more tired and dead!    Once you are done, you can take your red lipstick and apply fake blood in areas.  I think it looks cool to add some on the inner portion of the lips.  This same look is appropriate for men!


dog halloween makeup

My son is obsessed with dogs!  He constantly says “woof, woof, woof.”  I found the cutest dog costume for him, but he refused to keep the hat on.  BUMMER!  He did let me demonstrate how to draw a dog nose.  All you need is black eyeliner!  I recommend something waterproof, so it doesn’t move if your child touches their face.


erin andrews halloween

toddler boxer costume

I’ve seen some amazing athlete costumes worn by men, women, and children. And I even considered dressing my son like Derek Jeter – #RE2SPECT!  You can create the same “eye black” look with  black liquid eyeliner.  You can also create a bruised eye like the boxer has with a matte black eyeshadow.



elsa halloween

Does your child want to be Elsa from Frozen or Sofia the First? How cute is my niece Madison in her Elsa costume?!  There’s no need to use the pink face paint to give her a little lip color and blush.  Children naturally have a flush of color in their lips and cheeks.  Instead, apply a pretty lip gloss on her lips.  Then, dust a champagne shimmery eyeshadow on her eyes and cheekbones.  She will look like a beautiful, sparkling princess.


wicked witch

Who doesn’t love a good witch on Halloween?  If your witch is nice, then wear a pretty shade of lipstick.  Wicked witches often have darker lips.  You can created this with black eyeliner as well!!!!  You can mix this with the shade of lipstick you already wear or use it like a lipliner.  Or, if you want to go all out, try this black lipstick by LimeCrime.  It’s ideal for an edgy witch!


Be creative!  This is the best time of year to BREAK ALL of the MAKEUP RULES regardless of your costume.  These are just a few ideas to get you started!!!   

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