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How to Organize Makeup

When I worked at Stila, one of my jobs was to organize the makeup. We had SO MUCH makeup and we constantly produced more!  Makeup was on displays, in the training room, in the press room, in makeup kits, and pretty much everywhere.  My job was never finished. I became quite good and recognizing when it was time to toss something and was less sentimental about throwing away a discontinued product.  BUT, that didn’t mean that I threw away everything.  I kept A LOT of favorites, and even have problems throwing away makeup today.  In December, it will be three years since I said goodbye to the training room and moved to Arizona.  Time flies.  But, I still have vivid and fond memories of my days “playing with makeup”.

Yesterday, I decided it was time to play with my own makeup.  It’s been almost two years since I organized it.  Yikes!  Don’t judge me.  It looked scary.  I now have a son who’s big enough to reach into my makeup.  He plays with it, breaks it, etc.


how to organize makeup

organizing makeup




When we moved into our house, I was so excited to have my own vanity.  I organized it with all of my makeup.  As you can see, it is now a mess!

junk drawer

I also had this terrible “JUNK DRAWER”.  It kept my son Harvey occupied for a good 30 minutes – which was a good and bad depending on what he chose to play with.


used makeup

I trashed all of the products that were empty or bad.  I’m still wondering how I had so many lip stains and mascaras in my drawers?  Maybe I was hoping that one day they would magically have product in them again!?

makeup organization

I organized my makeup by product type (i.e. blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, etc.)

sarah stila lipstick

While I was organizing, I stumbled upon this gem I had forgotten about – a discontinued lipstick named after my friend Sarah! It felt like I won a free lipstick 🙂

photo 1-6

Then, I remembered I have two of these.  Does anyone want them?  I’m serious.  I think they are great.  They just are too much for my skin.


I took a trip to the dollar store to purchase some organization tools.  $9 later everything looked A LOT better.


how to organize


how to organize makeup1


The three cups are glass Coca-Cola cans with beads in them!

makeup organization2

junk drawer1

This drawer has been revamped so the contents are toddler friendly.  #momlife



Let’s hope costume jewelry is more durable than makeup!  At least it’s less messy 🙂

Final Tips:

  • Liquid pens should be placed in cups with the lid down.  This way, the ink can drain to the tip of the liner and they will not dry out as fast.
  • If possible, try to keep your foundations in an environment that is protected from humidity to prevent bacteria buildup.
  • Brushes should be stored in cups or brush rolls.  This helps them to last longer, and it prevents damage from other products.
  • Organization takes consistent effort!  If you throw your products in a bin or makeup bag, you will end up with a situation like I was in.  It’s worth a few extra minutes every once in awhile to stay organized, and it will probably help you get ready faster in the morning!


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