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How to Master the Cat Eye!

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The cat eye is one of the most popular trends in makeup. I’m a firm believer that certain people look better with this eye look than others. Trying it can help you determine if the look is right for your eyes.

To help you get it right, make sure you have a good eyeliner. My favorite one to use is this felt tip liner. If you want a cheaper drugstore version, this one is a good option. Many times, I also use cream eyeliner with a brush to create the line. Then, I’ll apply the liquid over top for a bolder look.


Regardless of your eye shape, this diagram should help you understand how to create the shape of your line. The line needs to blend with your lashes so it is NOT very noticeable when your eyes are open. This is why it is super helpful to use your lashes as a guide when you are creating the wing.


I think its much easier to create the line after you have applied mascara. Otherwise, you are more likely to draw a line that is too short. Once you apply mascara, your lashline usually looks longer. Also, the mascara will give you some leverage, making it easier to get a precise line.


Pointed q-tips and makeup remover will help you perfect the wing so it has the finest point!


Also, don’t be afraid to try other colors besides black. I love using brown and grey on people for a more natural cat eye.

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