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How to Look Like a Celebrity for Your Homecoming or School Dance

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Anyone who is attending a homecoming or school dance, wants to look as glamorous as a celebrity on the red carpet.  The right makeup is the perfect accessory to your dress, and it can help you look radiant on your special day.

jaclyn and me

When I did Jaclyn’s makeup for homecoming in Chandler AZ, she told me she loved the makeup I did for Diana Agron.  Jaclyn wanted a similar look for her homecoming makeup – dramatic eyes and softer lips.  This is a great look for a dance because it won’t take away from the dress you are wearing.  It also looked amazing on Jaclyn!

jaclyn homecomingGet the look:





homecoming makeup


Homecoming Makeup Tips:

homecoming makeup1


homecoming makeup2

  • Use Long-wearing products that will stay on throughout the night – especially your foundation and eyeliners!
  • Try to avoid layering lots of foundation – this gets cakey and will start to look weird if you sweat!
  • Double up on your lashes!  I put two strips on Jaclyn to make her eyes pop.
  • There is NO need to match your eyeshadow to your dress!  Instead, let your makeup act as a nice accessory to your clothing, so everything blends!
  • Be confident!  This is the best beauty secret!

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