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How to Cover Acne!

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Breakouts are the WORST! Whenever I get a few zits, I instantly feel a little bad about myself and a little less confident going places. The good news is, makeup can fix these insecurities.

For occasional breakouts, it is best to use a clay based concealer. The easiest options are concealer sticks. You can even find inexpensive versions of these. They look like lipstick. Although you can dab these sticks on the breakout, it often looks better to use a stippling brush. This is why I usually conceal with Laura Mercier’s secret camouflage. It’s like you’ve smashed the stick and put it in a container. Both versions are clay, but I prefer a more flawless application. If I’m in the car or touching up, I’d probably use the stick and buff it with my fingers.

After concealing, it is usually smart to set with a good powder. Powder foundations tend to add some extra coverage and seal the concealer so it stays in place. I like this powder because it looks really smooth on the skin.

If you need to, you can repeat the steps of concealing and powdering until you achieve the desired coverage.

There is no need to switch to a heavier foundation because your skin has an occasional breakout. Instead, use a concealer and let your skin breathe everywhere else. If you tend to breakout regularly and have acne prone skin, then I LOVE this foundation. I recommend applying it with a beauty blender. It will cover the blemishes without making your skin feel weighed down by makeup.

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