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How to Choose a Mascara – Three Things to Look For

Mascara has come a long way in the last ten years.  When I started working at the makeup counter, I was still wearing Great Lash by Maybelline.  You can still get the same mascara today in the famous pink and green tube, but the wand is different. If you are used to the old one (like me), you might not like it.  That’s why I constantly say that mascara is a personal preference and was shocked when I fell in love with the 3D fiber mascara by Younique.  For the first time in years, I found myself really wanting to promote a mascara.  It seemed to have all of the right components that you need for a great mascara – even if you don’t add in the fibers.  Whether you want to buy the fiber mascara like me or need to learn how to choose a mascara, the following are three things to look for.

1 – A Good Formula

how to choose a mascara

Finding the right formula is half the battle when you are looking for mascara.  There are a lot of similar formulas on the market.  When I tried the transplanting gel by Younique, it reminding me of a few tubing mascaras that I had tried in the past.  Although the brand does not claim that this mascara works this way, it definitely applies like one.  It extends the formula past your lashes and makes them a little thicker.

If you are looking for a certain type of formula (lengthening, waterproof, volumizing, etc.) there are probably several brands that offer these results. You can even shop the drugstore section to find one.  The only problem is, the formula doesn’t guarantee that the mascara will be amazing.

2 – The Right Wand

younique wand


The right wand makes a lot of difference in the application of your mascara.  This is why I love Younique so much and didn’t like the other similar formulas I tried in the past.  I’m a huge fan of the ball shaped at the end of the brush.  It makes it easy to use the top of the wand to lengthen your lashes.  The curve in the middle of the wand helps you separate your lashes when you start the application process.

I’ve always loved the  CoverGirl LashBlast formulas, but the wand has a flat top.  For me, this makes coating more difficult.  That’s why I’ve avoided it in favor of larger brushes like the one you see on DiorShow mascara that provide lots of volume. I also like Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara  because it maximizes the coating process.  As you can see, it’s more than just finding the right formula.  The right wand really does make a difference.


3 -An Effective Wiper

mascara wiper

A mascara with a great formula and wand is worthless if the wiper doesn’t work well.  If you haven’t had trouble with the wiper on a mascara, count yourself lucky.  There’s a mascara in particular that I can’t stand because it doesn’t wipe the wand properly.  I end up getting it all over my hands in the process – even worse, it’s waterproof.  I love using this formula on brides, and I don’t mind the wand – but the wiper is terrible.  So I had to move on.  If this is happening to you, move on too.  There are plenty of great mascaras that won’t give you this problem.  The wand should come out clean every time, making your mascara application process easy.


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