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How to Avoid Cakey Foundation

There are a lot of things I hate about cakey foundation. The thickness alone is visible from far away. It can take away the dimension of your face, make you look older, and emphasize your flaws. So WHY do people cake on their makeup?? My guess is they are trying to cover their imperfections.

Choose the Right Formula

If your makeup is looking cakey, you might be using the wrong foundation.

Fine lines/wrinkles look better with a satin foundation that has light diffusing properties. This visually smoothes the skin without feeling or looking heavy.

touche de eclat foundation

Oily skin is best suited with an oil free foundation. Although a matte texture seems ideal, this type of foundation often emphasizes problems that come with oily skin like larger pores or texture issues. Look for a satin matte texture.

laura mercier foundation

Dry skin needs a moisturizing foundation. Otherwise, the skin eats the foundation and it starts to look dry and cakey. If your foundation is not moisturizing enough, use a good moisturizer underneath. My new favorite for really dry skin is called Vanicream.


aqua glow

Use the Right Tools

In order to avoid cakey foundation, it is also essential to use the right tools. My personal favorite is the beauty blender. When you get the sponge wet, it helps you get just the right amount of coverage.

beauty blender

You can also use a foundation brush. If you are looking for the right brush, get one that is denser. If it is too flimsy, it will be harder to blend the product into your skin.

kevyn aucoin foundation brush

When in doubt, choose a lightweight formula versus something heavy. If it doesn’t provide the coverage you are hoping for, look for an alternative. There are several good foundations out there that cover well without looking heavy or cakey! You just need to find the right one for your skin.

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