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How to Apply Mascara

Mascara is the icing on the cake to great eye makeup.  Without it, the eyes look unfinished.  With it, the eyes look put together, enhanced, and beautiful.  It’s not surprising that cosmetic companies spend so much time trying to develop new formulas to attract the attention of today’s consumers. Although a good formula of mascara is important, I have always felt that the right application of mascara plays a big role in the appearance of your lashes.  If you apply too much, you will end up with spidery eyelashes common among adolescents or people with old mascara tubes.  If you apply too little, you might not even reap the rewards your mascara has to offer.


The following steps are important for proper mascara application:

1 – Curl Your Lashes

Nearly everyone can benefit from a great eyelash curler.  I like Paula Dorf’s. You can get it online.

2-  Wiggle the Wand at the Root of Your Lashes

When you begin the lash application, you should place the wand at the root of your lashes and wiggle.  If you do not get close enough to the roots, then people will be able to tell where your mascara starts.  When you get color at the root, your lashes look longer.  The wiggling helps separate the lashes so you can coat easier.

3 – Coat, Coat, Coat

Coating is often misunderstood.  One coat is usually equivalent to one stroke of the mascara wand on your lashes.  I typically coat anywhere from 10-20 times before I even consider putting the wand back in the tube for more mascara.  You can tell you are done coating when the backs of your lashes are covered.

4 – Use the Point of the Brush to Lengthen

A great secret weapon to help you lengthen your lashes is to take the point of your brush and stroke it on each lash.  You can do this after you have coated your lashes or during the coasting process.

5 – Coat the Bottom Lashes

Most eye shapes look better with mascara on the bottom lashes.  If you struggle coating the bottom lashes, try using the point of your brush or a flat liner brush like the one shown below. flat eyeliner brush  Why I Love the Fiber Mascaras?

Recently I’ve stumbled upon Younique Fiber Mascara.  I love that it maximizes the results of proper mascara application.  Instead of applying 10-20 coats of Stila’s major lash mascara, I now apply a 5 coats and of the transplanting gel and then add fibers. I keep doing this until I am satisfied with the length of my lashes.  Then, I seal them with a final coat of the transplanting gel.  The process requires the same amount of coats of mascara but results in longer and better lashes.3d fiber mascara

If you want to get this amazing mascara, NOW is the time.  I am having a Mascara party for the next five days.  You can purchase the mascara HERE!


4 thoughts on “How to Apply Mascara”

  1. Sometimes I have take a qtip with eye make up remover on it to get the little bit under my lower lashes. But one of my fave secrets with the lower lashes is putting on a coat of clear mascara first! It keeps it in place, like a primer, but without making them longer or thicker. 🙂

  2. hi! so i love your tips about applying mascara and i was wondering if you have any mascaras you would recommend. i don’t want too too bold but i want bolder eyelashes than i have. it would help a lot, thanks 🙂

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