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How to Apply Flawless Foundation

Let’s talk about foundation.  I have a favorite – Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation.  It’s insanely overpriced.  It comes in a small tube that looks more like concealer than foundation.  But…whenever I use it on someone, it’s just beautiful the way it blends.  The finish is lovely and the color…the COLOR is key.

Every client’s needs are different and I can’t always use a moisture based foundation.  How I wish every foundation made my job as easy as the Koh Gen Do foundation.  Fortunately, I’ve learned how to apply flawless foundation with just about any product.  That’s how it goes when you are in a rush backstage at fashion week or when a celebrity says they only wear Armani – a cult favorite, not my favorite. 

Regardless if you are a person who can afford Koh Gen Do regularly (and if it works for your skin) or if you rely on Garnier, these tips will teach you to apply your foundation and achieve better results.

Skip the Foundation Brush

WHAT??!!  Believe me, there is a better alternative.  Try the Beauty Blender.  It feels better on your face and and blends beautifully.  It’s a great product and it’s the only way I can create flawless skin on people with larger pores.  With a brush or fingers, the makeup will settle in the pores and look cakey.

beauty blender flawless foundation Avoid Silicone Primers

Foundation should blend into your skin so that it looks natural.  With a silicone primer, this is difficult.  If you want your makeup to wear throughout the day, use proper skincare to help you achieve balanced skin.  Also, try primers that are water based.

Use Less Product

There is no need to over apply foundation.  A little goes a long way.  Apply it in the areas where you need the most coverage and blend from there.  You can always layer if you feel you need more.  If you start with too much, your foundation might look like a mask. foundation best brands Apply Concealer After Foundation

If you use concealer before your foundation, it will get wiped off as you apply the foundation.  It defeats the purpose of covering flaws, your product is wasted, you’ll only get minimal coverage and not the pretty results you want.

Use a Flat Brush for Powder

Round brushes move your foundation around and can mess up your flawless face.  Instead, use a flat brush to set powder on your skin where needed.  Again, less is more. flat powder brush

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