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How to Apply Fiber Mascara for Your Eye Shape

Whenever I do someone’s makeup, I absolutely LOVE adding individual fake lashes to their eyes. These fake lashes look more natural and they are more versatile.  I use different sizes and place them at the right spots on the eye to enhance the eye shape.  This process can be time consuming, but the results are worth it when you get a picture like this one of Jeanine Mason.

jeaninecJonathan Ressler Photography

I don’t have the time to apply these fake lashes on myself each morning.  Instead, I use fiber mascara to mimic the look that individual flare lashes provides.  Unlike regular mascara, I DO NOT recommend applying the fibers evenly throughout your lashes.  Instead, I think you should be more strategic with where you place them on your eyes.  Through my efforts, I make my eyes look bigger with fiber mascara.


picture taken 10 hours after mascara applied!


Based on your eye shape, I recommend the following fiber application…

Little to No Lid Space/Slip Covered Eyes

If your eyes are like mine, then you have a small lid space that shows when your eyes are open.  I use a darker eye shadow on my lids to create the illusion of an eyelid.  I also like volumizing mascaras because they stand out against the darker shadows.  For this reason, I apply the fibers over most of my lashes to add bulk.  I also apply a few on the bottom lashes for a balanced makeup look.

Large Lid Space/Bug Eyes

Fiber mascara can help rounder/bug eyes look better you lengthen the lashes with the fibers.  It helps the large lid space look visually smaller since the lashes are longer.  I really don’t think you can add too many fibers!  I recommend adding more of the fibers on the outer lashes.  This will help your eyes to look more almond.

Slanty or Sagging Eyes

When your eyes slant or sag downward at the outside corner, it is important to concentrate the length in the center of the eyes.  This means you want to apply most of the fibers around the center lashes and less on the outer ends.


fiber mascara

To target the application of the fibers, try angling the brush.  As a general rule, always use fibers to enhance what is good about your eye shape!  Also, you can use these same tips if you ever do want to take the time to apply individual fake lashes!  They are amazing!!  


4 thoughts on “How to Apply Fiber Mascara for Your Eye Shape”

  1. Lindsey! Blown away by the fiber mascara. First, it arrived in like a day. Second, WAY easier to apply than I expected. Success the first time, and not more than maybe five minutes start to finish. Third, it looks shockingly like when I have had eyelash extensions, except it feels way more comfortable. And last, well… it DOES last. As long as you said. I put it on yesterday afternoon to try it. Then I slept for four hours. Then I got up and went to work in the middle of the night (which is unfortunately my schedule) which requires running and sweating, the equivalent of two hours in the gym. Then I slept for three more hours, and when I woke up, it was STILL THERE. It washed off the way it was supposed to as well. I’m not good with waterproof mascara because using makeup remover makes my eyes react. So, thank you. I am shocked I’m saying this, but it IS my new favorite makeup product. And it was less than my favorite department store mascara.

    1. Omgosh! Hooray. I am so so happy you love it. I am not one to promote a product I do not stand behind! So I am thrilled that you like it as much as I do! It was hard for me to give up my other mascara simply out of habit. But I absolutely love the results of this one! So glad you do too!!! xoxo

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