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How to Apply Eye Cream

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Eye cream is one skincare product that I think is a must!  I almost always use it before I do someone’s makeup, so the eyes are hydrated.  When your eyes are dry, it is harder to apply and blend your eye makeup.  Even worse, you are prone to premature aging.  A lot of women have asked me where to apply this essential cream.  While there is no right or wrong, I suggest the following application method.

Where to Apply:

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Apply eye cream further away from your eyes than where you need the moisture.  It will soak in and reach the areas that are dry.  This prevents it from irritating your eyes, and it eliminates greasy makeup looks!

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I like to make sure I add eye cream to inner area of the eye.  This spot tends to get dry.  With a little eye cream, it is easier to apply concealer, and my eyes look more awake.

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When I blend eye cream on the upper part of the eye area, I try to place it under the brow bone and blend.  The actual lid is probably too delicate for a thick cream and it might feel irritating and/or heavy.  Plus, the moisture will reach your lid area if you apply it on your brow bone and blend right above the crease of your eye!!

What to Look For:

If your eyes are really dry, then a moisturizing eye cream is ideal.  If your eyes are sensitive or slightly oily, look for a lightweight cream or gel.

anti aging eye cream


Olay Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Anti-aging eye creams, like the one above, are my favorite because they offer two benefits in one.  These eye creams usually contain some of the following ingredients:

  • vitamins A, C, E
  • retinol
  • hylaronic acid
  • peptides
  • antioxidants

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