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How Much Money Are YOU Wasting on Makeup?

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Did you know the average woman in her lifetime wastes $300,000 on beauty products?  WOW!! What would you invest in with even half that amount?  Hopefully something that won’t end up in a landfill.  Why so much waste, you ask?

Here’s my take on why this happens:

Beauty companies are masters at selling their products.  I had the opportunity to work a photo shoot with Jessica Biel who is sponsored by Revlon.  When the images were published, I was disappointed not one of the makeup products we used were named in the credits.  Instead, everything listed was the Revlon brand.  It’s misleading, unfair but a great way to sell products.  Woman buy the makeup and then find it doesn’t live up to the glossy advertising.  Money’s gone, makeup’s in the trash.

Most beauty stores hire amateur makeup artists.  When you visit the makeup counter, don’t be surprised if the girl telling you what blush to wear has never applied makeup on anyone but herself.  Of course, she’s trying to be helpful but she’s not a real makeup artist, she’s a salesperson.  You could end up with products committing messy suicide all over your face.  Alas, more makeup in the garbage.

The makeup counter wants to sell you the most popular product, not what works for you.  I’ve been a personal victim of this problem.  I invested in the $500 La Mer skincare regimen that beauty counters swear is a go-to for celeb makeup artists.  My decent skin went from normal to wretched within a week.  I might as well have thrown the $500 to the wind.  I’ve NEVER seen a celebrity makeup artist use La Mer.  Doesn’t this tell you something? Buyer beware!  More trash.
Three tips to help you avoid wasting money on your makeup:
  1. Don’t let someone talk you into something
  2. Avoid purchasing something too trendy
  3. Pick products that work with your skin type
Don’t go bankrupt frittering away money on useless beauty products.  If you want to be safe from misleading information authored by the media and wannabe makeup artists; make an appointment with a .  You can also attend one of my .  You will receive the feedback you need to invest in products to help you look pretty.  In the long run?  Easy on your retirement fund, good for the environment.

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