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Happy 20th Birthday to My Favorite Cosmetics Brand – Stila!!!!

Stila turns 20 this year. It’s hard to believe that the brand has been around for so long! Am I really that old??? I feel lucky to have spent several years working for this brand, and I even have my own Stila girl!!  Much of my love for makeup stems from Stila. In my eyes, Stila is synonymous with beauty. In the 90s, when everyone was into very deep lip color and heavy foundation, the brand introduced something unique to the beauty industry. It was all about being pretty, feminine, and making the most of your makeup.  The brand has evolved over the last 20 years, and I still rely on it for most of my daily makeup.  The following are some of my personal favorites.


stila palette

stila matte paletteEyes Are the Window Palettes

The first product I purchased from Stila was eyeshadow.  Their eyeshadow formula is unlike any I have tried.  I love the soft shimmer that is not overpowering on the eyes.  It makes the right impact and is easy to blend.  The new palettes that they released are amazing.  I think it is worth the investment to purchase a shimmer and matte palette for your beauty wardrobe.  These are much more wearable than the popular Naked palettes by Urban Decay and they will probably last longer because Stila shadows have more pigment.

Convertible Color

convertible color


convertible color

I’ve been wearing Stila’s convertible color cream blush for 10 years.  Once I tried it, I never looked back.  This blush provides the perfect natural hue for your cheeks.  I love that it has NO shimmer.  It’s a celebrity makeup artist favorite, and it is very long wearing.

Cherry Crush

cherry crush stila

cherry crush

This product changed my life – literally!  It’s one product I cannot live without because my lips always look better with color and I hate touching up my makeup.  There is no stain that works as well.  It lasts so long on your lips and feels like nothing once it dries.  I can eat and it won’t come off.  I also apply gloss over top for a little moisture and shine.

CC Cream

stila cc cream


CC Cream

Stila’s CC Cream is a newer product.  It helps with redness and pigmentation.  You can use it like a tinted moisturizer or wear it underneath a foundation as a primer.  I personally wear it alone because I like less makeup on my skin.  I love that it covers without feeling heavy.

Stay All Day Brow Pen

stila brow


stay all day brow pen

I seriously don’t know how I did brows before this product debuted.  I would take it on a deserted island if I could!  I love it that much.  It’s waterproof, fool proof, and just the right tone to make anyone’s brows look amazing!


Happy Birthday Stila!  May you continue to produce amazing products.  Thank you for inspiring me as a makeup artist throughout my career.

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