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Golden Globes Makeup for Your Daily Life

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I’m going to be honest, I haven’t missed doing award season makeup for awhile. I love what I do, but today I was a little nostalgic of my days doing red carpet makeup for some of my favorite celebrities. A few years ago, I was privileged to do Francesca Fisher-Eastwood’s makeup when she was honored as Miss Golden Globes.  I LOVED her makeup and the experience was a career highlight for me.

During the last few years, I have worked with so many women who want to look glamorous in their daily lives. Is this you? Sure, we may not have an hour to perfect the look for the red carpet, but that does not mean that we cannot master a perfect glamorous look for date nights an special occasions. To help you, try the following suggestions.

Get the Glow. Red carpet makeup is synonymous with glowing skin. Avoid anything too makeup, and look for a foundation that makes your skin look healthy and youthful. You can also use a highlighter on your cheekbones to enhance your glow.

Don’t Forget About Your Brows. If you pay attention to celebrities on the red carpet, they always have well-groomed brows that are perfectly sculpted. For your glamorous events, make sure to pluck your brows and fill them in. Just be careful to over fill. You don’t want them to look like caterpillars above your eyes. If they start looking too thick or heavy, comb through them so they look more natural.

Coat Your Lashes. Good lashes are a must for the red carpet. While most women are not going to apply false lashes on a daily basis, you can invest in a great mascara. If you are on a budget, this mascara is my new favorite.

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Invest in Long Wearing Products. If you are going to spend time doing your makeup, it should stay on! If it comes off quickly, then you are using the wrong things. Eye shadow primer, waterproof eyeliner, and liquid lipstick are all good long wear products to use for a glamorous event.

Don’t Go Overboard. Just because you want to look glamorous does not mean you need to apply more of everything. Pick a few key things to focus on, and leave the rest the same. This will help you look dressed up rather than caked on.

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