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Get This Spring Look AND Learn Why Glitter is for EVERYONE!

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I’ve been using refined glitter eyeshadows for years. I LOVE them. They make the eyes pop in pictures, they brighten, and they can give you that metallic look that is super on trend right now. When most people hear glitter, I think they get scared and assume you are applying craft glitter all over your face. This is NOT the case. The glitter in most makeup, particularly eyeshadows, is usually very refined, and it gives the eyes a nice sparkle.

You can see how amazing the liquid glitter shadows from stila look in this photoshoot I did recently with Brooke Scheurn. For this shoot, I use a heavier amount of glitter on the eyelids because I wanted them to pop in the photos. I also liked the contrast it would provide against the softness of the water and flowers. I think the same look is great for more extreme makeup looks. Think date night, proms, weddings, etc. However, most people might not want a noticeable glitter on their eyes daily.

For everyday, you can use your fingers to dab a little bit of the liquid glitter overtop of your eyeshadow. This creates a subtler look, with a great effect. It also brightens and pops the eyes, but they are a little more subdued. The look is more wearable.

To recreate the makeup look from this shoot, you will need the following products:






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