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Get This Look – Smoky Eyes, Nude Lips

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There’s nothing I love more than a sultry, smoky eye and nude lips.  I love how it creates attention at the focal point of the face – the eyes.  When I worked with the Habit Salon, I created this smoky look on Kendall.  It instantly popped her already beautiful eyes.


Tips for the Perfect Smoky Eye

The key to this look is using the right amount of shimmer on the eyelids so the eyes do not look like black holes.  You also have to choose a nude lip that compliments your skin tone.  For Kendall, this color was a little bit brighter than the traditional brown nude lip color.  If you have olive skin, the lip color might be a little bit lighter than your actual skin tone.  With such strong eyes, it is usually best to keep the cheek color minimal.




Get the Look






If you want to learn how to get Kendall’s braid, check out this video:


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