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Freelance Interns Wanted

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Hi everyone!!! I am looking for freelance interns to join my team. If you are interested, here are some details about the program.

Freelance Internship Program:

  • Hours are assigned on a freelance a basis and are based on your availability.
  • The majority of the work involves job shadowing activities. You will observe classes, makeovers, consultations, and more. During this process, you will learn how to work as an assistant.
  • As an intern, you will also participate in monthly trainings. Many of these trainings will allow you to practice makeup application on a model.
  • The average internship lasts six months, but can be longer or shorter depending on your needs. We will meet monthly to assess your training and skill level.
  • Successfully completing the program may qualify you to advance to the position of a paid assistant.


***This internship is unpaid. It is designed for individuals who are passionate about makeup and want to work as a makeup artist.


To apply for the internship, please email paintingyoupretty@gmail.com with “Internship Program” in the subject line. In addition, please provide the following details:




Phone Number:

Current Job: (since this is a freelance role, I am assuming that people will be working, in school, moms, etc.). This simply helps me get to know the candidates!

Why You Want To Be An Intern:



I will be contacting candidates for interviews! I am looking forward to hearing from you!


xoxo, Lindsey

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