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Four Makeup Tips for Women as They Age

I’ll never forget the first time I did Frances Fisher’s makeup.  As the infamous “mean mom” on Titanic, I was a little bit afraid that my work would receive the same criticism she gave her daughter, Rose, throughout the movie.  My experience was quite the opposite.  Frances is kind, beautiful, soft spoken, and genuine.  Although older, she has a beauty I loved enhancing every time I did her makeup.  Whenever I left, Frances always felt confident, happy, and excited for the event she was attending.  She almost always texted me pictures after the event.  It made me so happy makeup could provide her with such self assurance.


Frances is not only beautiful on the outside but has an inner beauty inside as well.  Makeup simply enhances her loveliness.  It can do the same for you.  Although there is not a specific makeup for women over 40, there are tips that can help you enhance your beauty as the years age your skin.


1 – Avoid Matte Foundations

Think about matte foundation in terms of how flat paint looks on a textured wall.  Both show all of the imperfections.  Instead, a painter chooses an eggshell or satin finish when painting a textured wall.  You should do the same with your foundation as you age.  Satin or illuminating finishes are better options to smooth skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Keep in mind illuminating does not mean shimmer.  When a foundation illuminates, it usually brightens – something most women need as they age.

makeup forever face and body

2 – Wear Brighter Lip Colors

As the years pass, women lose the coloring in their lips.  For a younger appearance, you should put this color back with lip products.  I usually recommend brighter colors because they add life to the face.  This does not mean you have to wear a bold coral lipstick.  Instead, consider switching from the same brownish raisin shade of lip color that you have been wearing since the ’90s to a brighter color like Tarte’s Charmed Lip Tint.

3 – Switch to a Cream Blush

Dry skin is an issue for women as they get older.  Using a cream blush can add vivacity to the skin, making you look healthy and youthful.  Stila’s cream blushes are easy to use and a personal favorite of mine.  I have been using them for years and love their natural, fresh look.

stila convertible color


4 – Apply Eyeliner in the Right Place

It’s not uncommon for the eyes to sag, droop, and do things that an expensive eye lift would fix.  Fortunately, makeup can provide an alternative solution to these aging problems for a lot less money.  In most cases, it’s simply a matter of lining your eyes in the right place.  Most women need the most definition in the middle of their eyes.  If your eye droops, do not follow it with the liner.  Instead, blend the eyeliner up and out to create a visual illusion.  Also, always line the top lash line first.  Then, line softer on the bottom.  This visually lifts the eyes.


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