FLEKK Cosmetics is Here!

So I never thought I’d have my own line of eyeshadow and brushes, but it happened. After months of working and planning, I am excited to tell the world (big dreams!) that you can buy my product here. It ships in about 2 weeks!

I designed these palettes to empower women when they are doing their makeup everyday. I’ve met so many who feel frustrated and/or confused. The palettes are an attempt to end that daily frustration so you don’t have to give up on doing eye makeup! Instead you can get it right and feel like you look pretty everyday!

On the website you will find a quiz called the FLEKK Finder! It will help you identify the palette that is best for your eyes. You can also send in a selfie to get a palette recommendation.

Gone are the days of endless trips to the beauty counter. Instead, you can shop for makeup from the comfort of your own home using your cellphone, tablet, or computer. We want to make it easy for you! Shop now and use the code “PRETTY” to get 10% off your order.

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