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Eyes and Brows 101

The eyes and brows class is also a hands-on approach to help you understand how to better do your eye makeup. It begins with an introduction to shaping your brows and finishes with eye makeup tutorials. During this class, I will help you be the artist so you leave feeling more confident that you can recreate the look on your own. We will cover the following:

  • Evaluate your current products to determine if they are right for you
  • Shaping of the brows
  • Brow products to use
  • Choosing the best colors for your eyes
  • How to do a smoky eye
  • How to do a cat eye
  • How to take your makeup from day to night
  • What kind of lashes to choose for your eyes and where to apply them (if you are interested)
  • Application techniques
  • What brushes to use
  • Enhancing your own eye shape
  • Getting rid of discoloration in the eye area
  • Mascara options to consider

For this class, I ask people to come with no eye makeup. I also recommend them to bring the eye products and tools they like to use. The class will be very interactive, and each person will leave feeling more empowered about doing their own makeup.

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