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Eyeliner Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Most women I meet are either afraid eyeliner, or they feel like it is difficult. This does not have to be the case! The right technique can make a difference, but many times, the right eyeliner makes ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE! Who knew?

A bad eyeliner tugs at your lashline when you apply it, it doesn’t go on smooth, and it is hard to blend. If yours does this, get something different. Try some of my favorites for a dramatic difference in your eyeliner.


If you want that thin line that makes your lashes look longer, liquid pens are the way to go. I love using brown for a really natural look. Black is a little more dramatic. It’s important to make sure this liner does not smudge. That’s why I use this one. If you are one a budget, try this one.



For a cat eye, I usually use liquid pens. However, I almost always line first with a lip brush and a cream liner. Then, I top with the liquid. This ensures that I create the most perfect line.



Kohl eyeliners are ideal for a smokey look. They are pigmented and soft so you can smudge them easily. They also glide across the eye area nicely without tugging. In the video, I’m using this one, but you can try this one for an affordable alternative.



If you want a natural look, get a brown version of the eyeliners with a smudger on the end. Line lightly and smudge for the softest, barely noticeable line.


Remember, if your eyeliner stands out more than your eyes, you might want to change your technique or your product. The purpose of eyeliner is to make your eyes stand out not the liner.

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