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Easy to Implement Tips and Tricks from My Friend, Sarah Lucero

I LOVED this video of my friend Sarah on Good Day LA. She shares some great how to makeup tips that I think are really applicable to your everyday makeup routine. You can check out the video below or read some of my favorite highlights – particularly the how to use lipliner.

Get rid of glitter with tape!!

How to get glitter off your face? Sarah’s tip is genius if you love using glitter shadows like these ones from stila. It’s also helpful if you mess up your glitter eyeliner and can’t get the glitter off your face. When I did makeup in LA, I used to always carry tape in my makeup kit. It came in handy more times than I can count. It’s much more effective than trying to wipe away the glitter with a wipe, a brush, or a sponge.

Coat the lashes with a fan brush…

If you want to know how to get rid of clumpy eyelashes, you might want to use a fan brush for mascara. This gives the lashes a nice wispy look. You can also use the fan brush with fake lashes. It helps me blend the actual lashes and fake lashes together so they look more natural. Finally, if you struggle to coat your bottom lashes, a flat eyeliner brush can also be helpful.

Line after applying lipstick

It is so much easier to line your lips after lipstick. This way you already see most of the shape and you can perfect the lips with the liner. I also loved what Sarah said about this method. She explained when you line after, you are less likely to have a noticeable leftover line as the lipstick fades because the lipliner blends with the lipstick.

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