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Is Bronzer Appropriate After Summer?

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We are half way through September, and Christmas is less than 100 days away.  YIKES!  It seems like just yesterday I was shopping for bathing suits, and now I’m thinking about what to get my one-year-old for Christmas.  Since the seasons are changing, your makeup might be changing too.  Bronzer is one product that many women consider to be a seasonal product.  I DISAGREE!  But, I do have some advice on what is acceptable. This will help you if you plan on wearing bronzer in winter.

Appealing Vs. Flattering

too faced bronzer

Most people purchase bronzers that are appealing to the eyes.  They look something like the one pictured above – a popular product made by Too Faced.  It’s fine if you want to use this bronzer, it’s simply not the best way to flatter your face. The shimmer in the product is not ideal for the entire face – especially as you get older.  Sometimes these bronzers can actually make your face look larger and emphasize problems in your skin.  See the example below:

shimmer everywhere

How do you get this flattering look?

bronze makeup

I used three different products to create a FLATTERING, healthy glow.  Makeup Forever’s Matte Bronzer is my favorite.  I use it ALL YEAR LONG!!  I apply it underneath the cheekbones, on the forehead, down the nose, and around the jaw area.  On the cheeks I applied Stila’s Camellia Convertible Color.  For a finishing touch, I added Nars’ The Multiple in Copacabana on the cheekbones.  To learn more about how to apply bronzer, click here.

mufe mat

Seasonally Appropriate Bronzer

In the winter, I use just enough bronzer to shape the face.  I also like to use a little more blush and lip color.  This way I don’t make someone look like they belong on the beach!!!  If someone’s face needs more color to match their tan, I like to mix gel bronzer with foundation. This is a better option than wearing a darker foundation color or layering tons of bronzer over your foundation. Too much powder can get cakey and create a weird texture on your skin.

Happy Bronzing!  You might even want to put one on your Christmas list!! xo

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