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Do Makeup Wipes Cause Breakouts?

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People ask me this question a lot.  Do makeup wipes break you out?  For awhile I was doubtful.  I’ve been using them for years and haven’t seen problem.  Recently, my experience changed.  The pores on my face started to clog, and I realized it was a result of the makeup wipe removal process.  I went a week without using makeup wipes and my skin cleared up.  I couldn’t believe it.  The wipes really were hurting my skin!!!  Although I am not against makeup wipes, I do have some insight to share if you are wondering if they are irritating your skin.

dirty makeup wipe

This wipe looks CLEAN compared to mine!

Are You Using Enough Wipes?

I like to use makeup wipes to remove mascara.  I had a new mascara that was much harder to remove, and I should’ve used about three wipes during the removal process.  Instead, I used one and rubbed the dirt all over my face in the process.  This process went on everyday, for weeks and months. The pores around my eyes started to clog, and it was a pain getting them clear again. It wasn’t until my mom pointed out that I was using a dirty makeup wipe on my face that I realized what the problem was.  DUH!  I decided I either had to use more wipes or stop using them altogether.


Choosing the Right Wipes

A lot of people breakout with makeup wipes because they are sensitive to the ingredients that are used in them.  I have found the best results with the Target and Walmart brands.  Seriously!  If your skin is sensitive, I recommend using the Cetaphil wipes.

Balancing the Skin

I always carry wipes in my makeup kit to help me balance people’s skin.  If someone has excess oil or dirt on their skin, a makeup wipe is a quick fix.  If you like using makeup wipes for this purpose, look for ones that are oil free!

klorane makeup remover

Eye Makeup Removers

Although I have used makeup wipes to remove mascara, it really is better to use something specific for the eyes.  There are actually wipes for eye makeup removal.  You can also get eye makeup remover pads that are gentler on the eyes.  These work very well, but I wear so much mascara, I would still need three of these a day.  I might have a problem!  Ha.  The two eye makeup removers I rely on for everything are called Bioderma and Klorane.  Both are must haves if you are taking someone’s makeup off backstage at NY Fashion Week, and they are amazing if you want to remove your own makeup!  They probably aren’t available at a drugstore, so you need to buy them online.  It’s worth the investment if you have trouble taking off your makeup.


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