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Dewy Skin – A HOW TO Guide!!!

Tarah came over to get her makeup done on Saturday for her family pictures.  We had a blast making her look picture perfect.  Her main concern was having perfect skin for her special moment with her cute family.  I get it!  I want fabulous skin when I have an important photo op!


Since Tarah usually works behind the scenes doing hair and is a busy mom of two, she doesn’t always focus on herself.  I understand!!!  Tarah and I both worked our magic on Melissa in this photo above.  I thought we did a great job, and I was excited for Tarah to get a little pampering of her own.  The results were amazing – especially her beautiful skin!!!

Regardless of how much time you have each day, you can have beautiful, healthy, dewy skin.  The look I did on Tarah is great for people that have normal to dry skin.

What You Need:


Tips and Tricks:

Sounds like a LOT of products!  I know.  I told Tarah to use the Stila CC Cream on most days and skip the rest.  Awesome right!!!  Will it look as good?  No.  But, as a busy mom on the go, it will provide coverage, moisture, and sunscreen.  Plus, it will wear throughout the day.

You only need to add moisturizer if you are on the dryer side.  If your skin doesn’t have that healthy bounce in it, then add some moisture to bump up the dewiness of your look.  Or, make sure to moisturize at night so your skin stays hydrated.

If you are dry, you can skip the powder.  I only added a small amount on Tarah’s T-zone to her look polished in her pictures.

I used the smallest amount of the Makeup Forever Face and Body to bump up the coverage and create a smoother texture.  If you want to do this to perfect your makeup, then make sure to invest in a beauty blender.  It’s the easiest way to apply this foundation, and it makes the foundation look flawless.

The kitten all over shimmer powder by Stila really enhances the dewey look and highlights your cheekbones.  The color is amazing, and it creates that beautiful glow that is synonymous with the dewey look.  I apply this product on the cheekbones to create dimension in the face.  This product is not meant for your entire face.  If you dust it all over, you will ruin the look of the foundation.


Good luck creating dewy skin!!!!




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