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Decisions – Visit the Makeup Counter or Let a Celeb Makeup Artist Paint You Pretty

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Have you ever wondered what is the difference between me, a low cost makeup artist in Arizona, and visiting the makeup counter at a department store or beauty store?  Having spent years working in the beauty industry, I can explain the difference.

Makeup Counter:

  • You are getting your makeup done from someone who lacks experience.  
  • You cannot guarantee who does your makeup.  It could be someone who has worked at the counter for five years of five weeks.
  • Their primary objective in doing your makeup will be to sell you makeup.  They have sales goals to meet, so do not be surprised when they try to push their product on you.
  • They won’t always put the makeup on you that is best for your coloring.  Instead, they put makeup on you that they want to sell.  If they are promoting a new product, they might use it on you – even if it is not the best option for your az wedding makeup.

Celebrity Makeup Artist in AZ:

  • I have 10 years of professional experience working as a makeup artist.  I have worked backstage at fashion week in New York, for red carpet events, on photoshoots, for weddings, proms, special occasions, and other events.  
  • I have worked with all ages, skin tones, personalities, etc.  This enables me to satisfy your needs – whether you want something extremely dramatic or very natural.
  • My cheap AZ makeup artist services are just as affordable as the MAC counter.
  • I will not push you to purchase any product.
  • I will send you out to your wedding, prom, or special event red carpet ready – just like I did with a celebrity clients.
Need further proof of the quality you can expect to receive when you are a girl attending prom or a bride on a budget?  Take a look at some of my favorite portfolio images.  Also, I love these photos taken of Julianna Guill.  She is in a new show on CBS called, “The Mistake”.  She in also in a movie that comes out next month.  I did her makeup in these photos.  They will be in an upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly.

cJonathan Ressler Photography
cJonathan Ressler Photography

For more information on how you can receive celebrity makeup artist services at a price you can afford, contact me today.  My email is paintingyoupretty@gmail.com.  Have a great day!

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