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Choose Your Makeup With YOU in Mind…

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Working as a makeup artist, I have been asked plenty of questions.  One very well known Caucasian woman asked me if I could make her like a white Beyonce.  Another successful, older Jewish lady wanted to look like J-Lo.  These requests were odd and frustrating to me at first.  But after a little thought, I realized that these people just wanted to be pretty.  I picked out the products that I believed would look best for on them and just went for it.  They both ended up looking great and were very satisfied.  Would you believe neither of them looked like their female inspiration?  Ha.

I tell you this because I believe we can get caught up in who is beautiful and why we should look like them.  It’s not about looking like someone else when we do makeup.  Instead, it is about enhancing the beauty in ourselves!  We each have something beautiful about us, and if I had tried to make that girl look like Beyonce, I would have failed at my job.

How do you choose makeup with YOU in mind?

In my recent low cost makeup class in Arizona, I taught the girls at the Habit Salon how to choose makeup with their skin in mind.  I’ve seen so many women buy the same foundation simply because their friend buys it or because a magazine says that a celebrity wears it.  Sometimes I want to scream in my frustration, “BUT WHAT DOES YOUR SKIN NEED?”  In my experience, it is best to choose products based off of your lifestyle, coverage needs, and skin type.

I’ve noticed that most women wear eyeliner and mascara.  These are safe products, kind of like jeans and t-shirts.  It’s important to recognize that only a small percentage of the world looks amazing in jeans and a t-shirt.  The rest of the world looks better in a specific style of clothing.  When it comes to makeup it’s important to do the same and figure out what your go-to products are.  Most of the time, they are probably different than what your friend is wearing.

Obviously, inspiration is good for choosing makeup. However, when you choose someone with a different hair color and skin tone, it is hard to know if their makeup will look good on you.  Instead, find someone who has similar coloring to you.  Then, make sure you like their makeup.  If so, this person is great for inspiration.

To learn more you can always organize a makeup class or schedule a personal consultation.  You can find more information on my affordable makeup artist in AZ pricing here.  Or feel free to email me at paintingyoupretty@gmail.com.

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