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Bravo Nars! Beauty is Ageless

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Nars cosmetics is celebrating their 20th anniversary in a big way.  Along with releasing their new Audacious Lipstick Collection, their new ad campaign features 68 year old actress Charlotte Rampling.  This is the actress’s first ad campaign in 10 years. InStyle.com said they were not sure what is more beautiful – the stunning black and white photo of Charlotte or the new lipstick collection?  I’d have to agree with InStyle.  Nars is my favorite brand of lipstick, and their new collection is the perfection way to ring in their 20th anniversary.  I can’t wait until September to try it out!

charlotte rampling nars ad campaign


Audacious Lipstick

Beauty Versus Makeup

Francois Nars decided on a black and white image for the ad campaign.  This doesn’t normally make sense to sell makeup, but I love that it takes the focus off the product and more on the overall result.  Makeup helps us look pretty and it enhances our beauty.  This is something that can be seen at any stage of our life.  Beauty truly is ageless and we don’t need to use makeup as a mask to hide our age.  Sure Charlotte has aged since this photo below was taken, but she still has so much beauty to offer.  And a little bit of Nars’ new lipstick is a wonderful option for women over 40.


Celebrating Age

My favorite thing about this ad campaign is that it celebrates AGE.  How beautiful is a woman that has aged gracefully and now has years of wisdom with her.  That is what I think of when I see my grandma.  She’s one of the prettiest people I know, inside and out.  When she was younger, she was photographed for the newspaper.  Doesn’t she look like a model?   My grandma now has 12 kids.  She is a grandma to 50 plus, and a great-grandma to 9 with more on the way!  She’s also a breast cancer survivor and one of my greatest role models.  That’s a lot to celebrate!!!




I hope that regardless of your stage of life, you will remember that you have beauty to offer.  Beauty truly is ageless, and women shouldn’t feel like they need to be a certain age to look pretty.  xoxo

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