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Because All Moms Deserve to Feel Pretty…

This is a picture of me and one of my clients (and now good friend).  Here name is Carrie and she is an extremely talented celebrity interior designer.  She has traveled across the globe designing beautiful spaces.  This picture was taken the first time we met.  We became instant friends as we bonded over Diet Coke and Mcdonald’s french fries (a no-no in Hollywood’s eyes, but two of our guilty pleasures)  From that day on, whenever I came to do Carrie’s makeup, she always had diet coke for me.  
Carrie is one of the most genuine people I know.  It was a nice change of pace doing her makeup because she loved getting her makeup done. It was a treat for her to take a break from her busy life for a makeover – especially one that involved fake lashes.  While I would do her makeup, Carrie’s two beautiful kids would play around the house.  Sometimes they would play with my makeup!  After all, makeup is every kid’s favorite toy!  Soon Carrie and I became good friends and I even attended a few of her kids birthday parties.  One time I even got talked into dressing up for her daughter’s birthday:
One of the things that was so special about working with Carrie is that I got to be around her family.  I loved seeing her kids every time I was at her house.  I now have a beautiful son, Harvey.  He’s almost one and took his first two steps yesterday!  Who knew something so simple could make you so happy!  I love watching him grow.  He has truly changed my life, and I am better because I’m his mother.
Harvey is all boy.  My lip gloss just happens to be one of his favorite toys.  Besides that he loves food, balls, trucks, and books! 
Since Harvey came along, I have pulled out my makeup a lot less.  My sweats and PJs get more use and he doesn’t seem to mind.  However, I still have those days where I want to get dressed up and feel pretty.  I know that is one of the reasons Carrie wanted me to come over.  Although she was naturally beautiful, makeup helped enhance her beauty.  She also enjoyed taking a break from the stresses of life.  
If you need a break and want to feel beautiful, you can bring your kids to my house and let them play or watch TV while receive your cheap AZ makeup application from a celebrity makeup artist.  It might be a fun break for you during the afternoon or in the morning.  Plus, it will help you learn how to enhance your features.  Contact me today for more information at paintingyoupretty@gmail.com.

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