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Beauty Products and Tools to Keep in the Car

Today I looked at myself in the car and thought, “that was a terrible idea.”  You should never look at yourself in the car unless you want an honest opinion.  There is nothing truer than the sunlight.  It shows all of your flaws.  The good news is, few people probably see what you are seeing as you look at yourself at a stop light or in a parking lot.  PHEW!  But, you might want to take the opportunity to prevent some beauty blunders from occuring.  If you keep these products and tools with you at all times, you will always look your best!

1 – Spot Treatment

The first thing I thought when I saw my face in the mirror today was “Wow!  You sure have a lot of zits coming to the surface of your face.”  Fortunately, I was the driver and had to get going.  If I had been the passenger, I would have taken my hands to my skin and tried to pop some of those pimples that really were not a big deal.  This would have made them much worse.  You should NEVER do this.  Trust me.  I’ve learned from experience.  It’s much better to apply a spot treatment and let your face rest.

spot treatment


 Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment


2 – Concealer

I always keep concealer with me on hand in the car.  It’s great for a few reasons.  I can touch up my dark circles in the BEST lighting.  I can also cover any spots that have suddenly appeared throughout the day.  To me, concealer is more important than powder.  I’m fine with a little bit of oil.  I’ll dab that away with a napkin.  But dark circles or red spots need to be fixed!

stila perfecting concealer

Stila Perfecting Concealer

3 – Razor

Sometimes you can’t tell in regular light that you have peach fuzz on your face.  Then, you get in the car and you realize it is time to shave!  HA!  It’s completely ok.  I’d rather you take out a razor than walk around in broad daylight with a female five o’clock shadow.  Pack a razor in your makeup bag or leave one in your car.

face razors


Sally Hansen Get in Shape

4 – Tweezers

If you think you plucked all of those stray brow hairs, think again.  Chances are you missed one or two.  Fortunately, if you have a pair of tweezers in your car, you can get rid of these hairs in no time.  If not, the spare hairs will drive you crazy on your road trip.  You might try to pull them out with your fingers unsuccessfully.  I have once or twice – believe me, this NEVER works!!!!



Tweezerman Tweezers

5 – Lipstick

Whenever I look at myself in the car, I can tell instantly if I look washed out.  This is why I pack several shades of lip color with me to touch up.  It’s like an instant pick me up.  If you are not in on this secret, get yourself some lip color.  My favorites right now are Jane’s pH adjusting lip gloss and Stila’s vinyl lip color.  Sometimes I mix them together for extra pop.

nars schlap

Nars Lipstick in Schlap

6 – Fingers

If your mascara has smudged or flaked, your fingers are your best friend in the car.  Ideally, you should get a new mascara that won’t do this.  But, in the meantime, make sure to wipe this away before you get out of the car!

The car really does provide amazing lighting for makeup.  If only it was more comfortable and safe for a full face application!  It can be quite difficult to apply a perfect cat eye in the car if you are not careful!

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