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Beauty on a Budget – Some of My Favorite Deals

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When I was 13, my mom took me to Target to purchase my very own makeup.  I got two tubes of Wet n’ Wild lipstick (one for home and one for school), Great Lash Maybelline mascara (the pink and green tube),  Maybelline eye makeup remover with the pink cap, and some face wash.  I’ve moved up in the world since that time, but I still haven’t forgotten that day where I scanned the lipstick options and made my final decision.

I remember growing up wanting every color of eyeshadow and lipstick at the makeup counter.  I loved it all.  The irony is, once I accumulated more, I used less variety and sticked to my favorites.  Today, when I go into the beauty store,  I am much more picky about where I will spend my money.  Since I have seen so many products, I want to spend money on something that is worth it.  I also like to get a great deal at the same time.  After all, just like you, I believe in beauty on a budget.  It’s practical for a mother, young girl, or a bride.

With that in mind, the following are some of my favorite beauty deals.

NYX matte shadows.  I think almost everyone could use a taupe color like the one pictured above.  They are $5 at Ulta.
This 2 pack of face wipes from Walmart is better than most brand versions.  It’s $6 and you get 120 swipes.  Forgot about MAC wipes or the Neutrogena ones that hurt my eyes and maybe yours.  You get four times as many with this deal.  Plus, they are made in the USA, alcohol free, and fragrance free!
If you haven’t tried this celebrity favorite, head to Ulta today.  You can purchase one stila lip glaze for $8 or choose three of your favorite shades for $15.  
Keep your brows in place with Ardell’s clear brow gel.  It’s just over $3 on drugstore.com.  The tube lasts forever, and it is a great way to enhance the shape of your brows and mimic the bold brows trend seen on the runway and the red carpet.
CoverGirl LashBlash Fusion is my favorite mascara for the price.  Approximately $8 depending on where you buy it.  I use it all of the time on clients!  (FYI If you need more volume like me, then I recommend Major Major Lash by Stila.  It’s $22 and worth every penny.  I have tried to switch to another mascara but can’t.  This mascara has had my heart for 10 years now!)
For a great deal on a wedding makeup artist in Arizona, makeup classes, or a makeover, contact me today!  Beauty doesn’t have to be expensive!  I’d love to teach you all that I learned as a celebrity makeup artist. My email is paintingyoupretty@gmail.com.

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