BB Creams vs CC Creams

The makeup world seems to be obsessed with the alphabet lately, and it has a lot of people confused!!  What are all of these creams?  BB, CC, and DD creams starting to arrive.  It’s easy to get confused with these creams because every brand has their own version of them, and they are all a little bit different.  The following information will help you understand these popular products and compare BB creams vs CC creams.

What is the Fuss About???

BB creams and CC creams are like makeup on steroids.  TELL ME MORE – right???!! They help you avoid the need to layer moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, primer, foundation, concealer, and powder.  They are tinted moisturizers but with more benefits and better results.

bb vs cc

BB or CC??

Choosing between a BB cream or CC cream can be difficult.  Both help with moisture and balance in the skin.  The creams also minimize the appearance of redness.  They also both have sunscreen and anti-aging ingredients.  Most of them are also long-wearing – some up to 12 hours. So you really can’t go wrong with either cream.  BUT, one might be better for your specific needs.  Here are a few things I think everyone should do before they purchase a product:

  • Know your skin concerns (redness, acne, hyper pigmentation, oil control, etc.)
  • Read the labels
  • Read the product reviews

BB Creams

stila illuminating BB

BB creams stand for beauty balms or blemish balms. They are meant to moisturize, prime, provide antioxidants, smooth the skin, and even out the skin tone.  I think the best ones help with the texture of your skin and can minimize the appearance of acne scarring, pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.  BB creams are also great for people with oily skin.

My favorite high-end BB cream is Stila’s illuminating BB cream.  I think it transforms the texture of the skin and makes it look more radiant.  For people on a budget, I like Jane’s BB cream.  It’s great for teens, and people that do not want a lot of coverage.

jane bb cream


***If you want a BB cream, make sure it does more than just moisturize.  If yours feels like an expensive version of a tinted moisturizer, you are missing out on added benefits.


CC Creams

it cc cream

CC Creams stand for color correcting creams.  They do wonders with redness and discoloration in the skin, and they even help with hyper-pigmentation.  These creams also prime, have sunscreen, moisturize, provide antioxidants, and make your skin look healthier.

Stila’s CC cream is fantastic.  It’s all I wear to get rid of redness and minimize the dark spots that are slowly appearing on my face!  I also like the It Cosmetic’s CC Cream.  It has an SPF 50, and it still feels lightweight – how’s that for amazing?!  If you are on a budget, try Revlon’s Age Defying CC Cream.

revlong cc cream


***If you want a CC cream, make sure it looks natural on your skin.  If it starts to look cakey or noticeable, you have the wrong color or product.

Do They Work Miracles?!

A BB cream or a CC cream isn’t going to make you look 16 if you are 40.  However, they will minimize much of the imperfections in the skin.  These cream also do not provide full coverage.  If you want more coverage, I would mix a concealer with them for fast makeup that looks good!  You can also layer your favorite foundation on top.


Not sure what cream to use?? Come to my class! Or, schedule a consultation with me.  xoxo

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  • Roberta agawu
    September 10, 2018

    IM happy I know what a bb cc cream is but do you have any for dark skin and I have lighter skin than darker black skin so I need to know what bb cc cream I can use to go with my skin tone .

    • admin
      September 10, 2018

      I like the Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer if you have darker skin. It works very similar to a BB cream.

    • Jawwad
      January 6, 2020

      Hey Roberta ! you may have a visit on our article as well Which is also written about BB Creams Please reply us if you find any help from this article Thanks.

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