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Are You Stuck in the 90s With Your Makeup?

Makeup has evolved dramatically since the 90s. The products are better and the trends really help enhance a woman’s natural beauty.  Although the 90s wasn’t a terrible decade for makeup, there are some trends that should simply STAY with the decade.  If you are wearing them today, it might be best for a change.  Adapting to the trends can help you look current and young.  Take Jennifer Aniston.  “The Rachel” is arguably the most famous look from the 90s.  Just because it was so popular doesn’t mean she held tight to it for the last 20 years. Instead, she adapted.  At 45, she looks better than ever.

If you want to age like Jennifer Aniston, make sure you don’t get stuck in a rut with your makeup choices.  Avoid the following 90s makeup trends:

Burgundy Lipstick

burgendy brown lipstickI’ll admit to owning a burgundy shade of lip color in the 90s.  It was my first makeup purchase from Wet n’ Wild.  At least I can say I was on trend.  Fortunately, that lip color is long gone.  I now wear something softer and brighter.  Bold lips are completely acceptable today.  However, they should have more vivacity so they bring life to your face.

Super Thin Brows

thin eyebrowsDuring the 90s, everyone over tweezed in an effort to create a super thin brow.  Today, brows are much fuller and more natural.  If you do not have hairs left because you spent too much time with the tweezers, I suggest investing in Anastasia’s brow regrowth product.  It works!

Drawn On Brows

drawn on eyebrowsA lot of women also drew on their brows like this photo of Courtney Cox.  This 90s trend looks really unnatural, and it would be better to add color to your brows with a brow gel.  If you need to create shape with your brows, try using Stila’s stay all day brow pen.  The pen is actual softer than a brow pencil or powder. It even allows you to create the illusion of brow hairs.

Lighter Foundation

lighter foundation and dark ruby lipsDespite the popularity of vampires, the lighter foundation trend from the 90s is not appropriate for today.  This makes little sense from an artistic standpoint.  If you don’t have the right shade of foundation, it is difficult to correct the discoloration in your skin tone.  A lighter foundation can also create an unfortunate line where your foundation ends and your skin begins.  It’s much better to choose the color of foundation that blends with your skin tone.

Frosted Eyeshadow

frosted eyeshadowThe frosted eyeshadow all the way up to the brows was big in the 90s and it is still around.  Unfortunately, this technique puts a lot of emphasis on the brow bone and not enough focus on the actual eyes.  It is better to use a matte eye shadow base or try to tone down the shimmer under the brow.

Mac Lip Glass

mac lipglass

If there’s one product we can leave behind from the 90s it’s Mac Lip Glass.  Sure, I might use it for an editorial makeup look.  But, for everyday, this product doesn’t make a ton of sense.   It’s the stickiest, tackiest gloss out there.  Even worse, it’s clear!  Try something that has color and will actually brighten your face when you apply it.


If you are stuck in the 90s with your makeup, try something new!  It will help you look younger and current. It might even increase your confidence. xoxo

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