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Are You on a Budget? Why Pay a Makeup Artist?

Let me tell you a few things I know that are different between me and the average celebrity:

  • I do not get a new outfit for every occasion, even though I want one.
  • I do not have an amazing closet filled with latest Louboutins and Chanel handbags, although mine has some great designer buys that I am proud to say I didn’t pay full price for.
  • My home isn’t designed by an interior decorator.  Instead, it’s one DIY project after the next! 
  • Celebrities rarely pay for things – even their makeup.  Their publicist, agent, production company, etc. will pay a lot of money to make sure they look amazing on the red carpet.  
  • Unlike a celebrity, I live on a budget, and it is important to me that I purchase quality at a great price. Otherwise, I will shop around.
cJonathan Ressler Photography
This is Dianna Agron from Glee.  She’s nice, beautiful, and great to work with.  We even tried on dresses together one day at Valentino.  I would love to offer you to same QUALITY experience I provided Dianna in the real world of Arizona.  
Why does my low cost AZ makeup artist services make sense for someone on a budget?
  • The cost of your arizona wedding makeup is less than it would be to buy makeup and do it yourself.  I have the supplies.  You just have to show up.
  • I know how to make your makeup look good for the camera.  Most people apply too much makeup or too little.  They also use the wrong products.  When this happens, they do not look their best in photographs.
  • Regardless of how many tips you read, I am a true artist who knows how to enhance your features.  A celebrity client of mine with years of experience on the red carpet once told me that she could not recreate what I did for her no matter how many tutorials I gave her or how hard she tried.  The photos that they took of her never looked as good when she went out without my help.  
  • An AZ Prom makeover is less than the makeup counter when you come to my house. The same is true for a special event makeover.
  • If you need a AZ wedding makeup artist, you pay a little more than the makeup counter so you can look perfect on your perfect day. 
  • Most makeovers are equivalent to purchasing two products of makeup at Sephora.  These wouldn’t get you ready for Prom or your wedding.  Also, most people never wear the products they purchased because they are for a special occasion.

I would love to enhance your features like some of these women below or in my portfolio.  It’s not everyday that you can afford a celebrity makeup artist at affordable prices.  Contact me today for more information at paintingyoupretty@gmail.com.
cJonathan Ressler Photography
These two girls were on “So You Think You Can Dance.” Pictured below is Jeanine Mason who won the show.
cJonathan Ressler Photography
This is Emmanuelle at another red carpet event.  She was on glamour.com for this look.
This is for another CC Skye lookbook. 
This is Cary Grant’s daughter Jennifer.  The photo was taken for the cover of a Magazine.

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