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Are You Applying Your Makeup Correctly?

It’s always a bummer when I take a picture and realize I didn’t apply my makeup as well as I should have.  Although a professional, I’m prone to a few makeup mistakes.  I’ve been known to layer on a little too much blush.  I’ve also taken a few too many pictures without enough color on my lips.

I LOVE BLUSH.  Whenever I apply too much blush, I feel wonderful when I look in the mirror.  But in a photograph it can make my face look more round.  Hence, the picture on the left.  My makeup looks much better on the right as I didn’t overdo it.  Note to self – A glitter jacket DOES NOT require more blush for extra glam.

Usually I don’t have time for a full face celebrity makeover like I do in my profession but I try for a look as perfect as time allows.  Whether you take the time to apply lashes and full coverage foundation, or you only have five minutes, I’m sure you feel the same.

photo 3

Unfortunately, there isn’t one book or product that ensures you’ll apply makeup the right way every time.  When Stefanie came over for a makeup application on Saturday, I helped her adjust her makeup routine based on her lifestyle.  We made the following changes:

  • I filled in her eyebrows.  If you want good eyebrows for face shape, you need to give in to your natural brow shape.  Pluck the hairs outside the shape and leave the rest.
  • We switched her foundation.  She was using a product that was too drying for her skin.  I used a CC (color correcting) cream instead.  It’s a good foundation for dry skin – lightweight, moisturizing, and color correcting.
  • I showed her how to use cream blush.  Cream blushes are great options for women with dry skin because they stay on longer.  During the application process, Stefanie realized she wasn’t applying her blush correctly.  She usually places it along her cheekbones.  Having her apply the blush on the apples of her cheeks made her face look more natural.
  • We tried a gray eyeliner.  A grayish blue eyeliner can add life to brown eyes.  I like how it makes her eyes pop in this photo but still looks neutral.


When it comes to makeup, it’s not always about adding more products to improve your look.  Sometimes, simple changes can make a huge difference.  Don’t be afraid to step a little bit outside your comfort zone.  If you want help with your makeup, you can schedule an appointment with me, a low cost AZ makeup artist.


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