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Are the Lashes Worth the Extra Fee?

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Whenever I get a pedicure, the girls always ask me if I want to pay an additional fee to remove the callouses on my feet.  Most of the time I decline because I’m on a budget.  Then, I leave disappointed because my feet are still rough.  I realize later the benefit that comes with the additional fee.  When the idea came for my low cost AZ makeup company, I realized that most brides are on a budget.  Like me, they do not want to pay a lot, but they want something great.

With that in mind, if you browsed my cheap AZ makeup artist prices, then you probably noticed that I charge an additional fee for lashes.  I really hate doing this, but I have to.  Every time I use lashes on someone, it costs me money.  The average cost is what I pass on to you – $5.  I’m even willing to spend the extra time to place them on for no added cost.  If you opt out of this add-on, I really do believe that you might end up disappointed like I do every time I leave the nail salon with rough feet.

Believe me when I tell you – lashes DO make a difference!  This is one of the crucial aspects to “painting you pretty!”  In nearly every portfolio picture I used some type of lashes.  Although you can bring your own, I advise against it.  I am skilled at choosing the right lashes for your eye shape. Typically, I opt for individuals because they look the most natural and they feel better on your eyes.  However, it is always fun to use something a little more dramatic.  There have even been times when I have layered two strips of lashes!

Emmanuelle needed several individual lashes for this look.  She was presenting at an award show with her female co-stars from Entourage.
Jamie wanted a natural look, so I placed a few individual fake lashes to enhance her eye shape on the red carpet.
This is for an ad campaign.  The makeup was inspired by images of Edie Sedgwick and Brigette Bardot.  I had to choose lashes that complimented the look the creative director was looking for.
If you have questions about lashes or an affordable AZ makeup artist, contact me today.  My email is paintingyoupretty@gmail.com.  I promise to provide you celebrity caliber artistry at affordable AZ makeup prices for your wedding, prom, or special event.

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