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Are Celebrities Pretty in Person?

People ask me all the time if celebrities are pretty in person???!!!  Are YOU dying to know the answer to this question??  As a celebrity makeup artist in Arizona, I have the answer!  A lot of celebrities look like ordinary people. Duh.  THEY ARE JUST LIKE US! However, there are others that are simply stunning.  You have to try hard not to stare.

Julia Roberts

julia roberts

I met Julia Roberts at a charity play.  Stila was doing makeup for the actors and actresses.  She came backstage and asked for some powder and blush.  My friend, Sarah Lucero, had the honor of touching up her makeup.  That little bit of makeup was honestly all she really needed because she was naturally beautiful.  Plus, she had the same infectious personality that I loved from her movies.  The entire time she was backstage, she was laughing and talking about her kids and husband.  It was refreshing.

Jana Kramer

janacJonathon Ressler

Are you a fan of Jana Kramer’s music?  Me too.  I had the pleasure of doing her makeup in the photo above.  She had beautiful eyes, amazing olive skin, and was lovely to work with.  I am so happy her country career is a success.

Kerry Washington


I touched up Kerry Washington’s lips at the Producers Guild Awards.  When I met her, we were standing backstage with a lot of A-list celebrities.  She had a quite sophistication about her.  Her beauty stood out among everyone there, and it appeared that she didn’t even realize it.

Jessica Biel


The most naturally beautiful celeb I have ever met is Jessica Biel.  She has perfect skin that does not need foundation.  I don’t remember seeing dark circles under her eyes either!  How lucky.  I also think she has an amazing face shape.  Her eyes and lips naturally look good without a lot of makeup.  When you apply makeup on her, she looks even better!

Emmanuelle Chriqui

em golden globes copy

The first time I did Emmanuelle’s makeup was for the Golden Globes.  I’ll admit to being a little nervous.  It’s not everyday that you get to do makeup for the hot girl on Entourage – a popular show at the time.  And, I wanted to do her justice.  Fortunately, my job wasn’t difficult.  Emmanuelle is a beauty inside and out!  Her look even made Glamour magazine!



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