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An Easy Way to Save Time on Your Makeup

Women are always wondering how to save time doing makeup.  My mom is one of those people.  She is constantly telling me, “NO MORE STEPS!!!!”  She wants to look great, but she doesn’t want to take long.  Is this possible?  Maybe.  Obviously taking time to apply makeup is important for the best application.  However, there is one thing that I do to save myself time.  It has helped me get through numerous models at New York Fashion Week.  And it helps me everyday when my toddler wants me to focus on him and I still need to apply mascara!  So here’s what you need to do…


Apply Your Eye Makeup First!!!!

Does this sound like you are breaking the rules???????  I promise you are not going to get in trouble.  In fact, Stila Cosmetic’s slogan is entitled “makeup your own rules” I don’t know who made up the rule that you have to put foundation on first, but it sure seems counterproductive to me.  I just end up messing it up when I do my eye makeup.

Benefits of Reversing the Process

When you reserve the process, you save time doing your makeup.  I can focus on my eye makeup without worrying about messing up my flawless foundation.  If I get any fall out from my eye shadow brushes, I can dust it away or remove it with my favorite makeup wipes.  Once my eyes are done, I apply my foundation.  I never mess with it or touch it after this.  I apply blush and lip stain.  Then, I get on with my day.

eye makeup fallout

On the days when I don’t reserve the process, I am always disappointed.  It takes longer to blend my foundation, and I have to apply my eyeshadow more carefully. Thanks goodness, I have learned to “makeup my own rules” and do what is best for me.  Try this morning routine to see if it saves you time when you are getting ready.

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