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All About the Famous Pink Sponge and How to Use It!

I’ll never forget the first time I saw this amazing little sponge called the Beauty Blender.  Backstage at Fashion Week, I was doing makeup for Betsey Johnson.  During the makeup test the head makeup artist pulled it out of her kit.  She had applied a little too much foundation on the model and needed to sheer it out.  She simply sprayed the sponge with water, dabbed it on the model’s face and in 10 seconds her skin looked perfect.  Since that day I’ve never left for a makeup job without at least three of these famous pink sponges in my own makeup kit.  When I say they work miracles, I mean it.

You might think models have perfect skin.   Sadly, they do not.  Their skin is put through the ringer during Fashion Week as they work one show after another and wear countless makeup looks.  It’s not surprising to see a few breakouts, dry patches and more.  With the Beauty Blender, you can achieve the coverage you want without it looking cakey.


Tips for Best Results:

Wet the Sponge Before Using It

When you do this, the sponge doubles in size like the picture below.  I prefer to wet mine under the faucet and error on the side of wet vs. damp.  However, I do ring the sponge out to make sure no water is dripping.  A damp sponge allows you to create flawless coverage and it helps remove foundation when you apply too much.


Use the Point  

The point of the sponge helps you cover smaller areas of your face – around your nose, underneath your eyes, in between your brows.



You can always layer for more coverage.  Make sure you wait until the first layer of foundation is dry.


Push Don’t Rub 

Avoid rubbing the Beauty Blender all over your face.  Instead push it into your face.  I try to mimic a bouncing ball with the larger end.  It feels really nice and puts the perfect amount of foundation on the larger areas of your face.

beauty blender cleaner

Cleaning the Beauty Blender 

These sponges get dirty.  Use BlenderCleanser to clean them.  You can also wash them in the dishwasher but make sure you put them in a lingerie bag.


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