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All About Concealer

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Does concealer overwhelm you?  With all the options out there, this is not surprising.  I’ll admit to being a little confused with concealer when I first started as a makeup artist.  I’d never really used it.  However, once I realized what it was for I became a HUGE fan.  In order to love concealer like I do, you need to know how to use it. People often choose the wrong type, apply it in the wrong spot, or use too much or too little.  Fortunately this basic run down will help you know how to use concealer.

When to Apply It

Concealer should be applied AFTER foundation and before powder.  Most people do not know this.  They apply their concealer first and rub it away when they are applying foundation.  What a waste!  Try reversing the process for better results.

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Eye Concealer

The concealer you use under your eyes needs to correct darkness and brighten your eyes.  You should avoid anything too thick and drying.  Instead, look for peach tones that correct blueness and illuminating textures that highlight.

  • Rimmel has a 2-in-1 concealer that is great for under eye concealer.  It has concealer and highlighter.  I think this works well for most people unless you have a lot of darkness under your eyes.
  • If you struggle with darkness, I like Benefit’s Erase Paste because it is peachy.  A little goes a long way with this product.

rimmel concealer

When you are concealing the under eye area, it is very common to use two concealers if you have darkness.  One will correct the darkness, the other will brighten.


If you need to cover blemishes, you need to find a great acne concealer.  Generally stick concealers are better for this because they stay on the skin better.  Smashbox makes them in multiple shades.  I recommended applying the concealer to the blemish and setting it with a little bit of powder.  This method promotes long wearing coverage.  Just make sure you are not usually a heavy powder.



Concealer Stick


When you want more coverage in certain areas of your face, a concealer is a great option.  It allows you to avoid full coverage foundation and hide some of the flaws in your skin.  Generally, a tube of concealer that is creamier will provide you with the best coverage in these situations.  You can apply it to the areas of the skin where you need coverage and leave the other areas of your face bare.  I also like to mix these concealers with foundation when I want more coverage on the entire face.  Stila and Tarte both make great concealers for this purpose.

stila perfecting concealer


perfecting concealer

Concealing Tips

  • Illuminating Concealers should be applied under the eyes and on the aging lines of the face.  They are not meant for discoloration or blemishes.
  • There is no need to apply concealer everywhere.  You only need it to cover the problem area.
  • Choose a concealer that blends with your makeup.  If you see a noticeable difference between your concealer and the foundation, you are using the wrong product.
  • It is best to apply a concealer with a brush.  I like to use flat and round synthetic brushes to apply the product.  It makes it easier to blend.  Whenever I use my fingers, it never looks as good.


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