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6 Easy Eyeshadow Tips

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I LOVE EYESHADOW!!!!  It was my first major investment in makeup, and it can truly do wonders at enhancing your eyes if you know how to use it.  Sadly, so many people I meet skip eyeshadow completely relying only on eyeliner and mascara.  Bummer.  When you do this, it’s like baking a cake without the main ingredients.

stila palette

Today, I am giving away this beautiful eyeshadow palette on my Instagram account.  I hope the winner will make the most of it with the following six tips:

  1. Apply a shimmer shadow on the lids of your eyes to make them pop!
  2. If you apply the lid color with a wet brush, the eyeshadow will stay on longer.  It is also less likely to crease.  Even better, this technique minimizes eyeshadow fall out during the makeup application.
  3. When you have deep set eyes, less eyeshadow is better.  Use a lighter shimmer shadow to visually pull your eyes forward.
  4. People whose eyelids are less visible when their eyes are open should use darker eyeshadows on their eyelids.  This technique helps the eyes look bigger.
  5. It is best to use a matte eyeshadow in the crease.  Try to apply this eyeshadow when your eyes are open, so you can see where to lift and shape your eyes.
  6. You can use darker eyeshadows as liners!  Wet your brush to create a defined or smoky line!


Best of luck to everyone who enters my giveaway!  It ends on Sunday.



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