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5 Tips to Make Your Eyes POP!

I’m a firm believer that the eyes are the most important feature on the face. I know there’s a huge contouring craze going on, and that’s great. But you can contour all day and if your eyes don’t look good, it won’t matter that much that you’ve slimmed your nose slightly.

People notice the eyes first when they look at you. They are at the center of your face – even if you don’t realize it. When you take an art class, you draw the face and put the eyes at the center. Then you add hair on the top. This explains why the eyes are so crucial for makeup. At the same time, they are a more difficult feature to add makeup to – especially if you do have the perfect almond eyes. Regardless of eye shape or age, try the following tips to make your eyes pop.

1 – Use a Shimmer Shadow on Your Eyelids

“But I don’t like shimmer” or “Isn’t shimmer for young people??” I hear this daily. And I get your weariness. However, you need a texture that attracts light and adds life to the eye area. This doesn’t happen if you use a matte texture on the lids. I recommend applying the shimmer with a damp brush so it glides on easier and doesn’t settle into the crevasses of the eye. Also, you can use glitter shadows for a brighter bolder eye look, but it is not required. There are many subtle shimmer shadows that look natural on the eyes.

2 – Apply the Darkest Color Along the Lashline

This may sound obvious, but the darkest color of your eye look should be applied along your lashline. This is usually your eyeliner. Many people assume they need something dark in their crease. Sure it is good to use a color in the crease that will add dimension and shape to the eye area. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be really dark. If the color looks too dark or too striped, it usually ends up looking distracting. The same concept is true when you apply a color along the outer corner of the eye.

3 – Use the Right Mascara

The better the mascara, the better the eye look. I tend to recommend different mascaras based on eye shape and needs. For example, if someone has trouble with mascara staying on, this one is a good option. If your lashes are straight, then this one might be better. Besides, that you should USE BLACK MASCARA! I never put brown on anyone. I can count the number of times I have used brown, and it was more for a look than it was because the person couldn’t handle black. Also, almost everyone can apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes. There are a few exceptions, but they are rare. Finally, make sure to apply a few coats.

4 – Brushes Make a Big Difference

It is also important to realize that brushes make a big difference in the final eye look. I do not recommend using your fingers or the disposable/sponge tip applicators that come with some drugstore products. Instead, invest in a few that will allow you to easily master your eye look. I love this brush set for someone who is looking for affordable brushes that get the job done. If you want something higher in quality, I use these four most frequently in case you want to invest in them:


It might sound like an oxymoron to blend eyeshadow you want to standout, but this technique is seriously so effective. A softer, blended eye look will always look better than something harsh. In most cases, the harsher eye will enhance the flaws. The softer look keeps the focus on the eyes, not the makeup. Also, just because it is blended, does not mean it has to be super light or natural!


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