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5 Rules for Choosing Foundation

If you’ve stepped foot in Sephora lately, they might have recommended this popular foundation. It’s all the rage. You can also get the “must-have”product at popular retailers like Nordstrom. Although Ulta doesn’t carry it, they do often recommend a similar product. While both foundations have their benefits, I often wonder if people are missing the mark when they are purchasing them. Instead of buying the best foundation, why not buy the best one for you?

Years of experience working as a makeup artist has taught me that it is nearly impossible to produce one foundation that fits everyone. People are too different. So how do you find the right one?

Here are 5 Rules for Choosing the Right Foundation:

  1. It should suit your lifestyle. If you are active or like quick makeup, then it’s probably smart to avoid something with full coverage. Try this instead.
  2. It should work with your skin type. If your skin is dry, you should probably avoid the popular matte foundations. They will look cakey and emphasize the dryness. A moisturizing foundation is a better alternative.
  3. It should match your skin. If you want to look tan, use a bronzer.
  4. It should look like skin. A foundation with good coverage does not need to look cakey. There are many lightweight options that look amazing.
  5. It should cover. If your foundation is not covering, get something new. Even lightweight BB creams and CC creams can provide adequate coverage.


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