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5 Products That Provide Instant Self Confidence!

Last week I did makeup for a few women before they were getting headshots taken. It was so much fun and such a great confidence booster for these women. Great makeup and a good photographer can truly help you see how beautiful you are. Isn’t it a bummer that we all don’t have that daily? I think I could use that extra boost of self-esteem. Because I don’t have it, I rely on some simple products for instant confidence.

1 – Instant Eye Fix

Puffiness and fine lines under the eyes are a lot less noticeable when you use this product before applying makeup each day. The “instant” in the title is true! It’s great if you are naturally puffy underneath your eyes, suffer from allergies, or simply want that area of your face to be a little firmer. They even make a version for the face. If you want to try this one, I would use it on specific areas that you want to target, not all over.

2 – Lip Products

It’s hard to be specific about one lip product because everyone has different needs and preferences. However, there is a reason cosmetic companies make so much money off of lipsticks. They are instantly gratifying. If they scare you, try a tinted lip balm. If you are tired of it feathering, look for a stain or use a liquid lipstick. I’m also really into lipliners these days because they add shape to the lips. Lots of women wish their top lip was more proportioned to their bottom lip. A liner can fix this concern.

3 – Matte Bronzer

Do you want your face to look slimmer or more sculpted? Dust some matte bronzer underneath your cheekbones, along your jawline, and through your t-zone. If you use a fan brush, this look will look more natural.

4 – Brow Gel

Brows on point or brows on fleak. Not sure how to get them? You can start with a brow gel. That’s what I used on Kristi’s brows (pictured above). It brushes them in place and sets them, so they stay throughout the day. You can even get tinted versions to add dimension and color to your brows.

5 – Color Correcting Eye Shadow Primer

Redness or discoloration on the eyelids is a common problem that many women have. One of the best ways to fix it is to use a color correcting eye shadow primer. These primers also make the eyelids look smoother and can be used in place of eyeshadow if you are doing a quick makeup look. I love how they make people’s eyes look brighter and more open.


***both pictures were taken by Chelsea Michelle Photography

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