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5 Cosmetic Products to Throw Away!

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Did I just say trash and cosmetics in the same sentence?  I know many of you are feeling anxiety just thinking about it, but it can be very liberating to get rid of the makeup you DO NOT NEED!  I had a client come over for a consultation and she told me to throw away all of her makeup that she didn’t need.  She actually LOVED the “spring cleaning” experience because her makeup bag felt lighter!  It freed up some space for her to get more of what she would actually use.  Do you need this same decluttering experience?  Here’s what to get rid of.

1 – Ineffective Foundation Brushes 

foundation brush

A foundation brush isn’t worth having if it’s not going to do the job.  This one by MAC tends to move makeup around, and it actually wastes your foundation.  I look for brushes that are more dense or use the beauty blender.  They blend the makeup into the skin better.

2 – Colored Eyeshadow

colored eyeshadow

Neutral eyeshadow is everywhere.  Rarely do you see bright pink, and few people can pull this color off everyday.  It’s not a color you see worn on the red carpet, and it’s probably not a color you want to keep in your makeup bag.  Instead, look for a great neutral palette.

3 – Old Mascara

old mascara

Can you tell how thick this mascara is now that it’s old?  What a bummer!  If you keep using it, you might end up with spidery looking lashes, eye irritations, and other problems.  Old mascara is even harder to apply.  It is better to get a new tube.

4 – The Wrong Shade of Eye Concealer


Many women wear the wrong shade of eye concealer.  You don’t want to see it when you apply it.  Instead, it should blend into the skin and correct the imperfections.  If it looks grey, it’s too light.  If it looks yellow, it’s too dark.  Rimmel’s concealers are a great low cost under eye concealer option if you need to start over with eye concealer.

5 – Bone Eyeshadow


This popular color does nothing for most women.  The lady I was doing makeup on told me that whenever she puts it on, it actually made her look more dead.  No wonder it’s called bone!  HA. Try a flesh colored alternative that will correct the problems in your eye area.


If your toddler gets into your makeup, then that probably has to go to!  You don’t want to put those germs on your face.  It was a sad day yesterday when Harvey got into my favorite blush, but he sure enjoyed it.

harvey makeup

convertible color

harvey makeup

If you need help cleaning out your makeup, contact me!  I’d be happy to help! xo

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